Exodus for Ordinary People - £10

The "Exodus for Ordinary People" book follows on from "Genesis for Ordinary People" and is published by the same company, Wipf and Stock. The exodus story has had doubt cast on it by sceptics and the book of Exodus itself has come under the line of fire.

For the Christian, there doesn’t seem to be a valid reason why distrust should be aimed at the book of Exodus. The biblical timeline and the record of ancient Egypt fit together well. There is an objection with the vast number of people reportedly involved in the exodus. Critics are quick to point out that the exodus of so many people in such a short space of time would be a logistical nightmare. And they would be correct, but once we look into the matter we find there is reasonable explanation that makes good sense.

On close inspection we are able to figure out which pharaoh is in power, why Moses is sent to tend his flock in the wilderness where grass was sparse, and why Aaron had the facilities and skill necessary to cast a golden calf. The answers are there if we look.

The book of Exodus shines a light from its burning bush and I hope I have captured some of the light in "Exodus for Ordinary People."

Genesis for Ordinary People - £7.50

Paul's second book, Genesis for Ordinary People, peers deep into the text of the first book in the Bible and draws out inspiring details and data from humnankind's earliest times on earth.

The book has been received well; remarks made about the book include:

"wonderful commentary on Genesis" - Becky Lagace.

"Opened my eyes up to Genesis" - David Ashley

"I like the precision and detail... a very good read indeed." - Martin Hill

Isaiah 41:22 says "Tell us what the former things were so that we may consider them." Discovering what the early days of human activity were like, helps us understand where we are now. So "Open the book."

Revelator (The Apostle John) - £0.79

Apocalyptic blues, striding forward with an alluringly layered back-beat, featuring a rich vein of backing vocals. "Revelator (The Apostle John)" The song always lifts the audience when we play it live and people have been asking to get hold of it. So here it is. The song Revelator is very old, first recorded in 1930. But our version is based on Ian Siegal's modern song. We asked for permission to record it, which Ian and his record company kindly gave us. Credits: Siegal (adapted Poulton). Denise J Thompson: Drums and backing vocals. Karine Graham sings BVs too and plays bass. Paul Poulton: Vocals and plays guitars. Chris Smith: Keyboard.

Words - £5.00

'Words' has new songs and some you may recognise but with an added dimension. The tracks are indicative of the band's 2013 live set which contains some gospel/blues/funk/rock, all helped along by the fine backing vocals of Denise J Thompson and Leroy Johnson. Plus Paul's regular fare of lyrics reach into those secluded areas within the human brain and rhythms that extend into the hidden reaches of the human soul.

Words - Paul Poulton Project


  1. Get Back Temptation
  2. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  3. Words Were Said
  4. Wade In The Water
  5. I Can't Stand The Sadness
  6. Long Gone
  7. Get In The Spirit (Single)
  8. Since I Laid That Burden Down
  9. Scorn Of Fools
  10. What's Big
  11. Get Back Temptation (Radio Edit)
  12. Too Many Things To Worry About (Single)


    Louder Than The Music said

    "excellent guitars working their magic"

    "enough swagger to give them that gritty attitude without being overbearing."

    "a freshness and tinge of the unexpected here that intrigues and entertains."

    Dave Wood

    Never For Nothing said



    "With every new Paul Poulton Project album it is always interesting to see what direction Paul has decided to take with it."

    "gospel and funk influences which, although subtle, take the album in a different direction to previous releases."

    "Paul’s trademarks are still evident and this remains very much in keeping with the overall Paul Poulton Project sound that we have come to know and love." "The stand out song though is “Wade in the Water”, a song that has been a staple of the live set for years and I am so pleased that this has finally been committed to a recording. This version is absolutely sublime and the price of the album is worth it for that song alone."

    "It would be easy to mention every song in this review as they all have something to offer to this excellent album but I am unfortunately limited by space! All in all, a splendid, accomplished and distinctive album"

    10/10 Robin Thompson.

Some People Believe Anything - £8.99

The 2011 album 'Some People Believe Anything' by the Paul Poulton Project. New songs plus two bonus songs, 13 in all. Recorded between March and July 2011.

Songs that have something to say about the past, present and future. The way we live in the modern world - the real hustle - couples who are on the edge of breaking up - world empires - porn - what have the Nephilim got to do with world history? New angles on old themes. Songs that are informative, encouraging and challenging. Songs that reach down into the darkness and up into heaven. There are themes running through the album from song to song. The last album 'Too Twitchy' featured the blues. But it's funk and rock for 'Some People Believe Anything' with a touch of blues.


  1. Anything
  2. Bad Things People Do
  3. Crying Out Loud
  4. Don't Break Up
  5. Saw The Devil
  6. Sons Of Anak
  7. Here In Heaven
  8. Porn
  9. The Image
  10. Reader's Digest
  11. Touch Me
  12. (Bonus) Cover Me
  13. (Bonus) DBU Acoustic
Too Twitchy - Paul Poulton Project

Too Twitchy - £8.99

The new album 'Too Twitchy' captures the fat modern-blues chugging machine the Paul Poulton Project have become. Here are a few comments we've recently received, "arrangement, guitar playing and singing 'blew me away,'" Wayne Sadlier. "Really love the song writing," Doyi. "Enjoyin PPP tunes on my i-pod, great music to work by," Michael Tobin. Radio stations have have already been playing songs from 'Too Twitchy'. The guitar licks, while not too obvious, manage to reach out and grab the casual listener by the ears. Some blues-ridden piano parts add the icing to the thick layers of rhythmic cake. Paul's lyrics reach down to the depths of the human psyche relating our reactions to the minutae of daily life.

    Too Twitchy - Paul Poulton Project
  1. Why
  2. Too Big
  3. Lonely
  4. Too Twitchy
  5. I Like You
  6. Im Not Good Lonely
  7. I Try To Be Good
  8. Why Are People Like That
  9. Mistakes I've Made
  10. Coffee And Cake
  11. Nature Of Time

Looking For Someone To Blame - £9

"Looking For Someone To Blame". 2009 album from the Paul Poulton Project. 12 tracks bristling with rhythm, engaging hooks and evocative lyrics. Real-life songs from real life as we live it. It's gritty, glorious and grooves along with some melodic guitar work, creative drumming and some rather nice tunes.

"Terrific tunes, really great stuff man!" Kyle Schweikhard
"I really enjoy your writing skills and great sounds. You are a breath of fresh air!" Mark W. Schmidt
"Great sound, love the descending motif in the solo...cool...Stay inspired..." Viv Neville
"My favourite track is "Don't Blame Me". Great song" Ken Barclay
"You guys have a great sound. I was listening to you all this morning.Love the sound!!!!!" Mindy
"We're looking forward to the new album. Really enjoyed what we've heard so far!" Robin and Helen Thompson
"loved married people... really different... almost Prince like vocal tight harmony vibe... love it!" Yazz (the pop star)
"Paul gives 'food for thought' ". Geoff Howlett BBC Radio Humberside
"10/10 Excellent" Hans Mair 'Radio Osttirol'
  1. She Sees Other Men
  2. Don't Blame Me
  3. Get Some Troubles 2
  4. Ain't It A Shame
  5. Rock The Flock
  6. Yeah Yeah
  7. They Don't Like It - Listen
  8. Married People
  9. Trouble
  10. Displaced People
  11. I've Seen Too Much
  12. Hombre

Dumb Dogs (CD) - £9

"a batch of great songs"
"an excellent album all round"
"The songs really groove well....topped with Paul's inimitable vocal style"
"I saw The Paul Poulton Project earlier this year along with over 1,000 other people... in Sheffield and I'm pleased to say that this album is every bit as good as the live performances"
  1. I Don't Know Bob Dylan -Listen
  2. Everything Is Falling To Bits
  3. Too Many Things To Worry About
  4. Get In The Spirit
  5. Take The Rubbish Out
  6. My Dog Is Dumb
  7. Swing Low
  8. Odd Life
  9. Angels From (Radio Mix)
  10. I'm A Believer

Fishing For Praise (Book) - £7.50

Praise is a hidden doorway in the world, which enables us to see things outside of the universe. This look at praise takes some surprising turns and gives us insight into heaven, hell, the world we live in and our own souls.

Paul has written for magazines, web sites and now his first book is available. If you enjoy Paul's song lyrics then you will find the same concise style in "Fishing for Praise".

'Fishing For Praise' is also available from US publishers Wipf and Stock - www.wipfandstock.com

Grooves 4 Scrooge (CD) £8

"attempts have been made to graft contemporary elements into the Christmas carols but few have done it as brilliantly"
"I've a gut feeling that this little gem could turn out to be Paul's best ever selling album."
"a stunning makeover"
  1. Angels From The Realms Of Glory - Listen
  2. Mary's Boy Child
  3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  4. Hark The Herald
  5. We Three Kings
  6. Away In A Manger - Listen
  7. Once In Royal
  8. Silent Night - Listen
  9. In The Bleak Mid Winter
  10. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  11. Joy To The World
  12. Oh Little Town

Affected (CD) - £8

"effortless groove provided by the trio throughout"
"crack rhythm section playing some good songs with catchy hooks"
"he's an excellent guitarist"
  1. Get Some Troubles Of Your Own
  2. Affects Us All - Listen
  3. I Never Knew - Listen
  4. In The Way - Listen
  5. Stand Up
  6. Heart Trouble
  7. It's A Message
  8. English Way Mk 3 - Listen
  9. Dear Lord And Father
  10. What a Trip

Angel (CD) - £7

"Poulton's quirky humour ("Abraham gave a meal to his angels/I wondered, should I offer mine some toast?") helps get his point across."
"Funny, faith-building, fantastic!
Like a breath of fresh air on a stuffy night.
Lyrics 10
Music 10"
"Singer/songwriter Poulton's seventh release is an impressive collection."
  1. Looking At Me
  2. Doctor Spin
  3. Heaven Help
  4. Cover Me
  5. Angel - (Play Song)
  6. Ordinary
  7. I Can Preach It
  8. So Baby
  9. Don't Waste Your Life
  10. Jesus I Praise Your Name - (Play Song)

Flaky (CD) - £5

"Rhythm and blues is the predominant flavour, but reggae creeps into the sharply observational 'Flaky People', a track which has gained radio airplay Stateside"
"Flaky is a well put-together set from an experienced and talented artist"
"The band work up some fairly infectious rhythms"
  1. Land Of The Living
  2. Learn To Walk
  3. Every Sinner
  4. It's What I Want
  5. Happy Man's Blues
  6. Flaky People (Play Song)
  7. Lay That Burden Down
  8. Merciful Father
  9. My Thoughts Are On You
  10. We Stand Before You
  11. All Across The Land
  12. Come On

Little Boy (CD) - £3

"take a bit of Bob Dylan, mix in some Charlie Peacock and you're not a million miles away"
  1. Little Boy ( Extended Rhythm Version )
  2. Be Good To Me Baby ( Neat R'n'B )
  3. We Think We Own It (Play Song)
  4. In The West ( Concert Favorite )
  5. Little Boy ( M T Version)

Soothing Saul (CD) - £5

"Too many instrumental projects are sterile and soulless; this is alive, and all the better for it"
"always with excellent technique, and even more importantly, with feeling"
  1. Anointing ( Which Ron Kenoly made famous )
  2. Great Is The Lord ( And Most Worthy Of Praise )
  3. Be Still ( Nice feel )
  4. By Your Side ( Nice Groove) (Play Song)
  5. Standing In The Need Of Prayer ( Given the Django Reinhart treatment )(Play Song)
  6. Where Could I Go But To The Lord ( The one Elvis sang)
  7. It Is No Secret ( I'm running out of comments )
  8. I Worship You
  9. All Hail King Jesus
  10. And Can It Be
  11. Ascribe Greatness
  12. All Heaven Declares
  13. Majesty
  14. There Is Power In The Name
  15. Celebrate Jesus
  16. Come On And Celebrate
  17. Lord Of Lords

Body & Soul (CD) - £5

"superb uncluttered arrangements and stratospheric backing vocals"
"I found this album quite compulsive listening. Yes I was impressed...Mr Poulton moves through R&B, funk, reggae and country blues with apparent ease."
"Great production"
  1. That's Alright By Me (Play Song)
  2. I keep Hearing Voices
  3. Pain Is A Lonely Path To Travel
  4. It's Only My Body
  5. You're A Doubter
  6. Rhythm Of The Universe
  7. Give Me Life
  8. Give Me Love
  9. Even Grown Men Cry
  10. I Don't Agree With That (Play Song)
  11. I'm Just A Boy
  12. I'm Gonna Have To Break My Own Heart
  13. Get Real
  14. Whose Heart Is This?

Fallen People On a Fallen Planet (Euro Mix) (CD) - £5

"packed with clever musical and lyrical touches"
"exploding secular values with devastating effect"
"Paul's great strength is he crafts songs that say more in a stanza than most songsmiths can manage in an album"
"his taste for skanking rhythms shows through here"
  1. Hostile World
  2. The English Way (Play Song)
  3. Nobody Can Help me
  4. Fire Tonight
  5. Dizzy and Sick
  6. Fallen Man
  7. That's Not What Bothers Me
  8. Tell Me Little Sister
  9. She Laughs In Her Dreams
  10. Keep Up The Pace

I Think I'm Being Followed (CD) - £5

"it is obvious from hearing Paul... that he really takes time over lyrics"
"The overall effect is an arty, brooding slab of music"
""You're Just A Ghost" echoes the CSLewis idea ( in the Great Divorce )"
"The songs have something of a gentle, bluesy touch and score heavily in the area of complex, penetrating lyrics"
  1. Marked Man
  2. I Don't Want To
  3. You're Just A Ghost
  4. Is A Promise So Hard To Keep
  5. Strange People (Play Song)
  6. Spiritual Friends
  7. Desperate
  8. I Found Love
  9. Somebody's Listening